About us

Ombelliscience, the regional agency for Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture in Hauts-de-France, was created in Picardy in 1997 at the initiative of actors in research, innovation, culture and education, to share scientific knowledges on a regional scale.

Since the merger of the regions, we have undergone profound evolutions. Today, nearly 60 members spread across Haut-de-France region constitute Ombelliscience network: actors from research and university, innovation or socio-cultural sector, qualified people or civil society representatives.

Mainly financed by Hauts-de-France regional Council, our activity is part of a public service mission. Our actions target professionals of knowledge sharing with the public (scientific or cultural mediators, cultural and educational actions coordinators, teachers, youth workers, etc.)

Our 3 work axes are consistent with the regional strategic orientations in Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture in Hauts-de-France.

Ombelliscience structures and energises the network of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture actors in Hauts-de-France

Ombelliscience produces and spreads ressources for the network of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture actors in Hauts-de-France

Ombelliscience promotes both the network of actors in Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture and their events in Hauts-de-France

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By the way, why the name "Ombelliscience"?

For the botanic addicts, this name refers to a plant family called umbelliferae (apiaceae). Species of this family have a characteristic umbrella shape inflorescence named “umbel”.

Apiaceae is one of the largest flowering plant family in terms of species. It contains both aromatic species such as parsley or dill and vegetables such as carrots or celery.

If we look closer, we can see that the umbel is a networked inflorescence, which corresponds to Ombelliscience main objective. we wish our network to bloom.

Scientific, Technical and Industrial (STI) Culture, which representation for Ombelliscience?

Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture "is part of culture in, the broad sense; it enables people to understand the world in which they live and prepare them to live in the world of tomorrow" as defined by the association of museum and science centers for scientific, technic and industrial culture development (AMCSTI).

Ombelliscience affirm that STI heritage is a major component of the culture of the region's inhabitants.

Through their actions partners and members of Ombelliscience work together at making knowledge, scientific research datas or innovative technologies accessible. They also contribute to develop the scientific approach, a process by which knowledge is built.

In order to adapt the actions to specific audiences (youth, firms, general public...) various awareness raising and mediation methods are developed to allow everyone to construct a personal reflection and a well-founded choice. Through this approach, the aim is to build a relationship of confidence and a genuine science/society dialogue.