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Ombelliscience was created in 1997 by 9 institutions in the field of scientific research and technological innovation. It vows to promote knowledge sharing in scientific and technical matters in order to enable people to understand their environment and therefore develop informed opinions on societal issues.

The actions we carry out to make science accessible to everyone are diverse: organisation of professional meetings and workshops, event coordination, preparation and conduct of training sessions on science communication for PhD students as well as culture and education professionals, design and sharing of itinerant educational material to sociocultural and educational organisations open to the public, support of cultural and educational initiatives for high school students, to name a few.

Ever since the creation of Ombelliscience, we have aimed at fostering networks of stakeholders working on sharing scientific knowledge and technical know-how (universities, museums, associations, local authorities, companies…) so as to generate and strengthen collaborations.
Our daily activities involve the creation and strengthening of relationships between professionals in scientific research, the economy, education and culture. For this purpose, our team carries out actions of three kinds:

  • Meetings for networks of stakeholders
  • Working groups for project development and cooperation
  • Customised guidance and support to upgrade skills

We also coordinate federating events such as « la Fête de la science » in the Hauts-de-France region.

Sharing scientific concepts, research and discoveries constitute a major focus in our missions.

We devise and implement different types of training for professionals in order to help them make scientific knowledge accessible to the public.

Your research as a tale

We offer a science communication training program called « Your research as a tale » aiming at helping PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, research master students make their research accessible to the general public.

Sharing science

We frequently devise and implement science communication training for culture and education profesionals such as library staff or teachers. The goal is to give them tools to understand what is scientific literacy and learn to create their own workshops on science-related subjects suitable for the general public.

Combining theory and practice, these trainings allow participants to acquaint themselves with tools to make scientific knowledge accessible to every kind of audience

We design, produce and distribute easily moveable educational tools for all people and especially the youth.
Organisations that are open to the public, such as libraries, schools, universities, tourist offices or sociocultural centres can benefit from these educational tools.

Accompanying pedagogical material and specific training for borrowers help them make good use of theses resources and ensure the corresponding knowledge is faithfully transmitted.

With these educational resources, we aim at:

  • fostering interest and curiosity
  • transmitting key concepts and contribute to the assimilation of knowledge
  • promoting thinking and inquiry

See our educational tools

From food and health to energy, transport and communication, we engage daily in activities that rely on the collective scientific and technological knowledge of humanity. Science and technology are ubuquitous in our lives and have profoundly shaped our worldview over the last centuries.

Quite naturally, almost all issues our societies face involve scientific matters. In order to make decisions that are consistent with our goals such as promoting public health and protecting the environment, it is important to have access to the correct information. By bringing this information, science sheds light on the most pressing issues so that citizens can knowingly form their own opinion and take part in debates. Also, access to scientific knowledge can raise awareness on various challenges encountered by individuals and society.

In this context, we meet local researchers and other stakeholders in order to create written material in the form of online articles focused on specific scientific matters related to societal questions.

We also organise events such as roundtables dedicated to discussion and debate on science-related issues. Through these activities, we hope to facilitate access to scientific knowledge and wish to give everyone the opportunity to develop their critical thinking skills as scientific literacy.

Through our science discovery program called « What do industry and innovation mean to you ? », we strive to encourage experimental and investigative practices among high school students to ultimately facilitate their professional integration.

In the context of workshops and visits, high school students get a taste of what it is like to work in research and technological innovation.

Students are put in a variety of situations where they are learning and investigating at the same time: discussions on the definition of industry, analysis of pre-existing misconceptions and prejudices, discovery of a product or a process presented by an expert, learning the basics of reporting (photo, audio, video) through a workshop with a professional, visiting an industrial site and creation of a deliverable accounting for the different activities.

This project aims at offering high school students the opportunity to plunge into the industrial world while being active drivers of their own discovery of these environments. They can also acquire a better knowledge of the various jobs and innovative companies in their communities, which may be unknown to them. This could play a role in their future choices in terms of education and professional integration.


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